Selected Works

" action-filled novel...a story of love transcending deformity, both inner and outer…extraordinary, delicate and memorable.” -- Ha'aretz
"… a captivating tale about modern day matchmaking…spellbinding..."
–Helen Schulman, author of This Beautiful Life

Reading group guides

Seven Blessings

1. Is falling in love a skill that can or even must be learned?

2. Beth’s religious issues first get sparked when she considers the idea of teaching in a classroom. How does the theme of public versus private play out in various areas of her life – particularly public shame and private shame?

3. Both Binyamin and Akiva are playing a self-image game. Who is more self-deceiving—Binyamin or Akiva?

4. All the characters come to Jerusalem for different reasons. Compare and contrast.

5. In Seven Blessings, the Torah is practically a character in its own right. Discuss the ways it sometimes becomes a barrier to intimacy and sometimes an enhancer. What other roles does the Torah play in the characters’ lives?

6. By the end of the novel, what insights might Tsippi have come to about “the secrets of desire?”

7. Even though all the women in Seven Blessings lead a traditional religious lifestyle, how might their Torah observance have differed from their grandmothers’ observance of the Torah? What role – if any – does feminism play in their lives?