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"...an action-filled novel...a story of love transcending deformity, both inner and outer…extraordinary, delicate and memorable.” -- Ha'aretz
"… a captivating tale about modern day matchmaking…spellbinding..."
–Helen Schulman, author of This Beautiful Life

BLOG: Writers of the Lost Arc

"31 books that will restore your faith in humanity"

November 19, 2015

Tags: Buzzfeed book lists, To Kill a Mockingbird, Life of Pi, Year of Wonders, restore your faith in humanity

I'm not sure what "restore your faith in humanity" means exactly, but I'm jazzed -- thrilled -- to have my novel included alongside some of my favorites: Life of Pi, Year of Wonders, To Kill a Mockingbird. By what process did my humble novel even make it onto such an illustrious list? Ah, the mysteries of Buzzfeed.
I've already read 12 on the list. Some are real surprises, like Stephen King's "On Writing." Here, you can check out the rest: Click here