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Maybe you promised yourself you were going to finish your book, and yet another year goes by. Or perhaps you haven’t started yet. You know you have a powerful story to tell but don't know where to begin. You feel slightly off-kilter, knowing there’s a story in you that needs to come out.

Or maybe your book is ready to be sent out to the world. But many an extraordinary book needs a bridge -- that extra layer of polish or attention -- to bring it to publication.

What if your manuscript has already made the round of editors. They liked your novel, memoir or book proposal, but they "didn't fall in love with it," as they are wont to say. Oy. Should you shelve it or return yet again to the manuscript?

Every writer needs other writers for guidance and reflection. Believe me, every writer.

Send Ruchama an email ( to explore the possibility of working with her one-on-one or to join one of her in-person or tele-conference writing groups.

Ruchama received an M.F.A. in Fiction from Brooklyn College in 1993, was trained and certified as a ghostwriter, and has been developing writers for over twenty years.

She has ghostwritten or edited for leading authors in the fields of the Holocaust, education, alternative medicine, Chassidic thought, science, feminism, New Age Judaism, prayer, bereavement, and in the genres of biography, memoir, fiction, and self-help. Most of her clients have had their books published; some titles have gone into second and third printings. She has also ghostwritten fiction for adults, young adults, and children; nearly all her fiction clients have seen their work published.

Her clients have published their memoirs and novels, embarked on careers in journalism, written a bestseller translated into sixteen languages, produced movies, started a literary magazine, and most importantly, discovered what they want to say and their own way of saying it – in short, they found their voices.

Ruchama’s own titles include novels for adults as well as young adults and children. Her stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications including the New York Times, and she has received awards and grants for her fiction. Her anthology, Everyone's Got A Story (Judaica Press) is both a DIY writer's manual and a collection of stories culled from people who attended her workshops over the years. It has been used in Jewish high schools throughout the United States.

Ruchama can ever so subtly coax your book into existence.


“[King] has a knack for getting her students to reveal the stories they would have otherwise kept hidden within themselves … And what stories they are!”
–Jerusalem Post (Review of Everyone's Got A Story

"Ruchama King is literary royalty: An author comparable to none, yet generous with her gifts as a master teacher of the writing craft. I know. I've studied under her. Her insights into character and development are as wise and clear as a top psychologist."
–Yael Levy, author of Brooklyn Love (Crimson Romance 2012), Starstruck (Crimson Romance 2013) and Touchdown

"You are the most gifted facilitator I've had the merit to learn from and you touch my soul in the deepest way."
– Shimona Tzukernik, Director, Omek

"Ruchama Feuerman remains my editor of choice for all works requiring keen sensitivity to language and unfailing judgment in cutting through the thicket to find the right nuance and shade of meaning. Without her, "The Flame of the Heart" would have been a far inferior book. With her, it was republished by Jewish Lights and recently translated to Spanish by the original publisher, the Breslov Research Institute. Thanks again, Ruchama!"
–Rabbi Dovid Sears, author

"Author of that fine novel Seven Blessings, Ruchama King has been conducting writing workshops and working with writers for twenty years, and this volume, Everyone’s Got a Story is, in itself, a kind of advanced workshop for writers…A gem. "
–Robert Avrech, award-winning screenwriter (Devil’s Arithmetic, A Stranger Among Us)

"Ruchama mines the jewels in every writer. She finds the hidden gem, brings it out and polishes it, and helps to place it in the perfect setting. And she does all that with so much heart. From my first baby steps in Ruchama's writing class in 1991 to the publication of my memoir in 2011, she has been my guide, my mentor, and my very dear friend. I can't imagine where my manuscript—or my life—would be without her.
–Pesi Dinnerstein, A Cluttered Life: Searching for God, Serenity, and My Missing Keys (Seal Press, 2011)

"Ruchama’s greatest gift? She nurtures. She helped me with a book I had been working on for ages. It was published shortly thereafter. I find it hard to speak about Ruchama with an economy of words. So I’ll simply thank her for having taught me to write as much with the head as the heart. "
– Alan D. Busch, author