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BLOG: Writers of the Lost Arc

Artistic Aspirations of Orthodox Women Writers -- Rama Burshtein, Fill the Void

I hear "Fill the Void" may be coming out in DVD. Marvelous film. Anyone interested in the artistic aspirations of Orthodox women, should check out this interview of Rama Burshtein with Beyond Cinema Magazine. She is a master. Rama speaks of how she became religious (“I fell in love with Gd”), how the film was conceived in pain: “Outside we have no voice. Everyone is always interpreting us from the outside in. I felt it was time to have a voice, a little voice…” and when asked what’s her next project, she answered, “If I do, and I say if, because I’m willing to accept I may never do it again….it takes time to fill up…to have the passion again.” But go listen to her yourself. www.youtube.com/watch?v=90cXJIFeH2A
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