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BLOG: Writers of the Lost Arc

Nailing the Yiddish-flavored Accent

So thrilled to hear a great actor is narrating my Courtyard Kabbalist novel. The audio just got released today – timed with Chanukah? A number of actors tried out for the part and they were all impressive, but when I heard Sam Guncler’s perfect inflexion when he said, “milchigs and fleishigs” I sat up and thought: Who is this guy? He sounded like home. I checked his acting credits: The Good Wife, Law & Order, The Sopranos, nice, nice, nice, but then I saw listed “The Quarrel” -- and realized I’d seen Sam play the part of a former yeshiva student facing off against a Hassid in an intellectual/spiritual show down. (Based on Chaim Grade’s story, “My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner” which I read when I was 18 and re-read every ten years.). He was Yiddishly magnificent. Now, instead of playing a heretic, he’s an assistant to a kabbalist.
Here’s a clip (just click Listen under the novel cover) and enjoy the show.

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